Easy DIY Holiday Gift – Hot Chocolate Jar Idea

What is one gift that is perfect for the whole family, boys AND girls, and all ages? Hot chocolate! Many of us opt for the hot chocolate envelopes because they’re the easiest and quickest way to enjoy this delicious drink, but I think we can all agree that it is definitely not the fanciest!

Instead of gifting a box of hot chocolate for the holidays, we saw that many people have been filling up a jar with hot chocolate mix and personalizing the jar as a gift. We love this idea! Keep reading for a few of our favorite hot chocolate jars we found from the internet!

From Compulsive Craftiness

Top the jar off with crushed peppermint candies like this one from Compulsive Craftiness for a minty hot choco mix!

From Getting By on a Dime

Check out this one complete with chocolate chips for extra chocolatey goodness!

From Hoosier Homemade

Don’t forget to add a spoon (like the one here from Hoosier Homemade)!

From For What It’s Worth

Make a cute holiday jar like this DIY snowman created from 2 small jars!

We can’t wait to recreate some of these hot chocolate jars ourselves for the holidays! We think these make such cute gifts, and they won’t cost you a pretty penny! Will you be sending these out for the holidays? Let us know in the comments below! In the meantime, let us all enjoy a cup of hot chocolate!


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