I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas: Indoor Home Decor

We all know the song: “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas..”, but for those of us who do not live where it snows, how can we join in on the fun and have ourselves a white Christmas too? Simple, have yourself an all white theme for your holiday home decor inside!

It used to be difficult to find white Christmas trees and ornaments to match for the holidays, but a lot of stores nowadays are stocking up on all kinds of decorations, in every color under the rainbow. A white Christmas for us here in southern California is no longer just a dream! Keep scrolling for  images we found on the internet to inspire you to have a white Christmas this year, as well!

From The Beautiful England

Fill your mantle with ornaments and candles aglow!

From Home Trend Design

Bring out your collection of Christmas figurines and create a holiday scene.

From Home Insides

Decorate a mini white tree to use as a centerpiece during Christmas dinner. Use white and silver ornaments to match.

From Best Home Decorators

Of course, the simplest way to have a white Christmas is to start with a white Christmas tree!

We love the look of the all white Christmas, and think it’s great to mix things up for the holidays once in a while. Will you be dreaming of a white Christmas this year, or will you ACTUALLY be having one? Let us know in the comments below!

We stocked up on a few white themed Christmas decorations on our website www.HomeSeasons.com. Here’s a peak!:


Christmas Giant Room Decorating Kit – White Christmas


Christmas Snowflake Paper Fan (Set of 3 asst)


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