Ways to Give Thanks for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful to everything around us and giving thanks. Though we should try to be thankful every single day, sometimes we get tied up in the mundane activities of life (or in the whirlwind of our busy lifestyles) and need a little reminder.

If you’re in the mood to spread more thanks around in your life, keep reading for more ideas! It will inspire people around you to do the same!

  • Set a good example to everyone
  • Send a bouquet of flowers to a loved one
  • Call up family or a friend who you’ve lost touch with
  • Volunteer your time to work at a food bank or shelter for the holidays
  • Donate food and clothing to the needy
  • Snuggle up with your pet to show them your love
  • Send a pie to your neighbor’s house
  • Participate in a toy drive for the holidays
  • Arrive at a holiday party early to help the host/hostess (& bring a present!)
  • Send holiday cards to friends and family far away to let them know you are thinking of them
  • Recycle and reuse holiday decorations from last year
  • Go caroling to spread holiday cheer
  • Stay positive

How will you be giving Thanks this Thanksgiving and holiday season? Please share with us below! We are thankful for all the readers of our blog! We are inspired to keep sharing holiday posts with everyone, and will continue through the holiday season. Stay tuned to for more posts coming up soon!


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One response to “Ways to Give Thanks for the Holidays

  1. Hi! Great ideas for spreading the love! I like to leave little notes of thanks in unexpected places during Thanksgiving week (on my hubby’s windshield, stuck in my mom’s wallet, or in an unexpected text message!) Thanks for the inspiration!

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