Fall/Autumn Themed Pumpkins

Pumpkin decorating is not limited to only Halloween. It it great for fall as well! Though we may have to stray away from the jack-o-lantern faces and spooky witch carvings, there are dozens of other ways we can decorate a pumpkin for the season. All we need is a little inspiration!

We’re going to share some pictures we found that inspired the post today. No jack-o-lanterns here!

From Belle Maison

From Decorating Ideas Made Easy

From Update Dallas

From Craft Corners

From Inhabitots

It’s easy to transform a pumpkin to fall decorations (just make sure to stay away from the spooky)! Use classic patterns and colors. You’ll have your own fall pumpkin in no time, perfect for the upcoming holidays.




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2 responses to “Fall/Autumn Themed Pumpkins

  1. These are all beautiful! Especially love the hollowed out candles from Update Dallas!

  2. Love the designs – especially the monogrammed pumpkin! I’m not sure if I’m coordinated enough to make those little holes. Thanks for sharing!

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