Turkey Themed Place Holders Decorations for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a dinner party like none other. We break out the fancy silverware, and serve the feast on the good china that we’ve been saving in the cupboard all year, only to bring out during the holidays. Thanksgiving is not a feast to be skimped on, and that includes all the fun decorations and place settings.

Though place holders seem redundant for a feast with the family, it certainly ups the fanciness level! Now, there are many types of place holders that we can  use, however, if this is for Thanksgiving, we need to throw in some turkey elements in there to tie it into the upcoming holidays. In today’s post, we’re going to share with everyone some cute turkey themed place holders, perfect for Thanksgiving!

From Invitation Box

A cupcake place holder hits 2 birds with 1 stone! Not only will guests know where they’re sitting, they also have a personalized dessert.

From Party Swizzle

This cute turkey place holder is sturdy enough to be re-used year after year!

From Multiply Delicious

Or make a turkey out of pine cones! We shared quick and easy instructions here: Thanksgiving Kid Crafts – Pine Cone Turkeys


Recycled toilet paper roll and some patterned card stock can also make a cute turkey!

What do you think about place holders for Thanksgiving dinner with the family? Yay or nay? We think it’s a fun idea to decorate the table with. Not to mention, everyone loves a little bit of extra personalized touch for the holidays!


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One response to “Turkey Themed Place Holders Decorations for Thanksgiving

  1. These are all really cute! Especially love the metal turkeys that can be used each year!

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