Outdoor Thanksgiving Dinner Decorating Ideas

The focal point of Thanksgiving would have to be the feast. Family and friends all gather around the dining room in anticipation of the enormous meal that about to appear before them (after many hours of slaving away in the kitchen, of course)!

Though the dining room is usually where Thanksgiving dinners take place, many people are exploring other options to house the large amount of dinner guests. One new idea is an outdoor Thanksgiving feast. In the right weather conditions, an outdoor Thanksgiving meal is a breath of fresh air for an otherwise overstuffed dining room. In today’s post, we’re going to share with everyone some inspiring pictures of outdoor Thanksgiving feasts and tabletop decorating ideas we love from the internet! Keep reading for more!

From Babble

If you’re fortunate to have a long porch, this is the perfect place to have an outdoor Thanksgiving without being completely exposed to the elements.

From Sunset

To light up dark nights, have your feast under a (hopefully, birdless!) tree, and hang lamps and candles from the branches.

From My Home Ideas

Dress up outdoor picnic tables with a beautiful cloth table runner for an instant pop of color.

From Our Love in October

Incorporate Mother Nature into your feast by using it as seating and decorations.

Where will you be having your Thanksgiving dinner? Let us know in the comments below! We love sharing new ideas about the holidays, and hope that some of you will try having an outdoor Thanksgiving this year (if the weather permits)!


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One response to “Outdoor Thanksgiving Dinner Decorating Ideas

  1. Love the use of hay bales for benches!

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