Thanksgiving Kid Crafts – Pine Cone Turkeys

Gobble gobble! Thanksgiving is fast approaching! While the adults prepare the dinner feast and the decorations, we need to keep the little ones busy. Nothing keeps the kids busier than a little arts and crafts–namely a holiday themed art project!

We’ve all made hand print turkeys, but what about pine cone turkeys? They’re equally as fun to make, and make great placeholders for the dinner table. Keep reading for tips and list of supplies!

From Kandis Wraps

Supplies: (makes 1)

  • clean pine cone
  • 2 googly eyes
  • brown pompom ball
  • construction paper (orange, yellow, red, black, blow)
  • glue
  • for turkey feathers: feathers, construction paper, or chenille stems

To make the turkey head, stick 2 googly eyes onto the pompom, and cut a little triangle for a beak and glue onto the pompom. Glue the pompom onto the pine cone for the head.

To make feathers, you can choose any supplies you want. Here are some tips:

  • For feathers: stick into the pine cone (as many feathers as you’d like) and glue to secure
  • For construction paper: cut 2″ teardrop patterns with the different colors of construction paper. Put glue on the tapered end and stick into the pinecone
  • For chenille stems: cut into 4-6″ lengths, and bring the ends together to make a teardrop shape. Secure onto the pine cone with glue or twist around the pine cone needles.

Here are some great examples of pine cone turkeys!

From Multiply Delicious

From Skinny Mom

From Yahoo Voices

Pine cone turkeys are super easy to make. Once the kids are done making them, they can be used as table decor or to hold place cards at the Thanksgiving dinner table. The kids will be proud that their art project is displayed for all the family and friends to see.

Leave a comment below if you’re going to teach your kids how to make pine cone turkeys this Thanksgiving!


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