Ghostly Halloween Treats

BOO! The ghosts are ready to infiltrate your snack trays for Halloween. Many things can be made into ghostly Halloween snacks with a little imagination and elbow grease (not literally)!

Today’s post is going to share with you some fun Halloween treats made into spooky ghost shapes! We found these from various places on the internet and thought it’s be fun to share with everyone! Click on the image/link for more information.

From BBC Food Recipes

Make ghostly cupcakes with white buttercream!

From Cutest Food

Little cake pops can be made into boolicious ghosts!

From Cute Food For Kids

Treat bags are perfect for Halloween. Fill them up with marshmallows for cute ghost treats!

From Buzz Patrol

Mozzarella ghost pizza, complete with olive spiders!

From American Profile

Create ghostly Nutter Butters with melted white chocolate and sprinkle eyes!

What are some of your favorite ghostly Halloween treats? Will you be serving any tomorrow for Halloween? Share with us picture in the comments below! These snacks are so cute and we can’t wait to make some!


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