Halloween Lunch: Ghoulish Bento Box

Since Halloween is on a Wednesday this year, all the kids will be excited to spend the holiday with their classmates.  Send the kids to school with their Halloween costumes, and sneak in a surprise for lunch! Instead of a sandwich, why not create a spooky bento box for your kids to bring to school.

Bento is known as a home packed meal in the Japanese culture, and it has turned into an art form. Each bento box is carefully crafted to go above and beyond regular packed lunch, with cute characters and fun food designs.

In today’s post, we are featuring some spooky themed bento boxes, pefect for a Halloween lunch! Your kids will definitely be pleasantly surprised if they find one of these in their lunch pail!

From Lian Mama

Turn half a bagel into a haunted house, and complete with cheese skulls!

From Trendhunter

Create a spooky cat with bread and a cookie cutter!

From Kawaii Kokkoii Sugoi

Sausages make spooky fingers!

From The World According to Egg Face

Add a little chocolate cake worm dessert to complete the lunch!

Have you created a bento box before? Did you enjoy making and eating it? Let us know in the comments below! We think this is also a great idea for kids who are picky eaters. It disguises healthy foods into things that kids would willingly eat.

Not to mention, this would be a great Halloween treat instead of sending your kids to school with candy! Kids and adults can work together to make a healthy and cute meal together!



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