Spooky Spider Halloween Treats

Spiders must love Halloween. Aside from pumpkins and ghosts, they get all the attention! They get mimicked into gummy candies, spooky web displays, and snack toppers (fake ones, of course)! My favorite would have to be Halloween spider treats. Spiders turn from spooky creepy crawlies into yummy snacks!

Today, we’re going to share with you all our favorite Halloween spider treats we found from the internet. Hopefully, they will inspire us all to make our own spider snacks to nibble on!

From Cookies and Cups

Make chocolate rice crispy treats into spiders with frosting and pretzels.

From Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Make a healthy Halloween spider treat with grapes and a plum!

From It’s Written on the Walls

For a large Halloween party, make a yummy spider cake!

From Articles Web

Or make smaller spider cupcakes for a smaller gathering!

From Rhodes Bread

This yummy spider bread dip bowl looks equally cute and delicious. This would be great for Halloween or any time of the year!

For even easier spider Halloween treats:

From HomeSeasons.com

  • Little plastic spiders also make great cupcake toppers
  • Use spider rings as drink markers on the rim of a cup
  • Spider rings also make great fasteners for trick or treat goodie bags

What’s your favorite Halloween spider treat? Share with us in the comments! We think the spider bread dip bowl is so cute and useful! Just want to gobble it up! We also can’t wait to add a few spiders to top our Halloween cupcakes!

We’re doing a blog post every weekday until Halloween, so keep checking our blog for more Halloween tips and ideas!


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