Creative Homemade Halloween Costumes with Balloons

Ever tried coming up with a Halloween costume a week before Halloween? It’s nearly impossible to find a good one by then! It’s never too early to start thinking of Halloween costumes, whether you’re buying one from the store, or making a homemade one from scratch.

Though we’re big fans of store bought Halloween costumes, nothing beats the creativity that comes with one made from scratch! In today’s blog post, we’re going to share with everyone a few of our favorite homemade costumes that are floating around on the internet (click on the link for more information from the source!). Get ready to be inspired!

From Fox Charlotte 

This cute gumball machine costume can easily be made with a clear trash bag and small balloons!

From Sharp Moms

Balloons also make perfect grapes!

From Costume Works

We love this costume by Lyndsey on Costume Works! This creative hot air balloon costume is a little more advanced, but it’s definitely one of our favorites!

From Fun Kids Halloween Ideas

Balloons also make great bubble suds! Choose light colored balloons to make a bubbly bubble bath!

What other homemade costumes do you know of that uses balloons? Let us know in the comments below! Happy crafting!


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