Back to School: Creative Lunches & Bento Boxes

Many kids have already started going back to school. What I remember most about elementary school (many, many years ago..) were those times when my mom would surprise me with a packed lunch. It didn’t matter if it was a turkey sandwich or the much coveted Lunchables, I was always excited to see what it was.

However, the ordinary packed lunch has since evolved into an artform. This creative way of lunching comes straight to us from Japan, and is now seen in many countries (and cafeterias around the globe). Many Japanese children bring elaborately decorated lunches (known as bento boxes) to school. Talk about exciting! In today’s post, I’m going to share with everyone some of the most creative lunch and bento boxes we found!


From La Carmina

From Piculous

From Hardy Mika

From Lunchville

From Toxel

From Foodies Unite

From Bento Central

From Kid Independent

These look too good to eat! Imagine the surprise in your kid’s eyes when they open their lunch and find one of these! We especially love all the cute egg designs. Which one is your favorite? Share with us below!


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