White Hot Summer Home Decor

White is another popular color for summer. Not only does it look soothing under the summer sun, it also does not absorb heat like darker colors. Though it usually lets other colors take center stage, white is also not afraid to grab all the attention either!

A great way to explore all the uses of white is through home decor. We’re all too familiar with regular white walls, right? However, white is also great for furniture and other accents. Today’s blog post will be all about our favorite white home decor ideas! Let’s have a white hot summer!


From Home Interior Area

From At Home with Kim Vallee

From Spontaneous Chick

From Design Decor Staging

From Pics Decor

From Classic Interior

The look will change as you try different shades of white. Want bright and invigorating? Choose a crisp white. Want cozy and inviting? Choose a cream. The possibilities are endless!

Which is your favorite way to use white in your home? Let us know in the comments below!



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4 responses to “White Hot Summer Home Decor

  1. I love all of those designs, especially the comfy looking bedroom!

  2. This post for decorations is very good.I will always follow it and recommend others.

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