Summertime Handprint Crafts for Children

Summer is coming to an end, but not quite! A few lucky kids are still basking in the summer sun, anxiously awaiting school to start again.

For those of you who are having trouble finding projects to entertain your younger children with, I know an end of summer craft project that is sure to hit the spot. Remember making handprint turkeys? Well, handprints are also great for making other crafts as well! Today’s post is all about summertime handprints!

From Activity Village

Create a sunburst sun using different colored construction paper. This is a great craft project if you are working with more than one child! They can all come together to make a cool project for the classroom.

From Silly Eagle Books

Handprints make good claws, and footprints make great lobster bodies!

From Random Handprints Blog

This project is great for older children. The handprints make great foundations for butterfly wings, and they can decorate it afterwards!

From Rifton

Who knew handprints also make pretty flowers!

From Brandine

Make a funny butterfly!

Not only will children have a fun time making these, they can also hang up their creations afterwards for a cute piece of home decor for the family. Children LOVE to have their artwork displayed in the home!

What other crafts can you think of that uses handprints? Let us know in the comments below!


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