Turquoise Summer Home Decor

Remember our recent post on Coral Summer Home Decor? A lot of you readers gave us positive feedback on our post, which inspired us to feature another popular summer color. As you can tell by the title, it’s turquoise!

Turquoise has been making a strong comeback this past year (for spring and summer), and we predict that it is here to stay! Today’s blog post is going to show you our favorite turquoise home decor for the summer!


From Stagetecture

Turquoise is a great wall color to use with neutrals! It instantly brightens up darker furniture.

From Home Accents Today

For those of you who are scared of doing a drastic change, such as painting your walls, a turquoise rug is a quick and easy way to add color to your home!

From Eclectic Revisited

Small accents of turquoise is easy on the eyes. Check out this classic frame chair! A quick and easy paint job brightens it up!

From Ideas Home Concept

Turquoise also makes a great outdoor accent color!

What is your favorite way to add turquoise to your home? Do you prefer using it as a main color, or just little accents around your home? Let us know in the comments below!



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