Happy 4th of July! (Plus Safety Tips)

HomeSeasons.com would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July! We hope everyone enjoys spending the day celebrating with family and friends!



4th of  July is a day of fun, so don’t spoil it by not being cautious! In today’s post, we’re going to share with everyone some important safety tips to keep everyone safe for Independence day!

  • an adult must be present when playing with fireworks
  • always read directions before igniting fireworks
  • have a bucket of water ready to extinguish flames
  • only play fireworks in a large open area, away from power lines, buildings, and dry grass
  • if your city does not permit fireworks, follow the rules!
  • keep a safe distance away from lit fireworks
  • never point or throw fireworks at another person (or anything!)
  • stay hydrated
  • don’t forget sunscreen and bug spray!
  • keep children away from in-use grills

Enjoy all the 4th of July festivities! Share with us in the comments below what you did for 4th of July! We’d love to hear about your plans!



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