Summertime Outdoor Safety

Summer is associated with all things exciting–from barbecues, to 4th of July parties, and just plain old fun outdoors. When we’re all having fun out there in the summer sun, we also have to make sure we practice safe habits! Many of us who want to thoroughly enjoy summer vacation may unknowingly put safety on the backburner.

Here are a few reminders and tips to be safe in the summer!


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SPF knowledge

Just because the SPF on your sunscreen is high, doesn’t mean you are getting the best protection. The number associated with SPF is not relative to how much protection you’re getting. Instead, it let’s you know how long you can be exposed to the sun before you have to reapply sunscreen. For example, if you have SPF 20, multiple that number by 10, and you will have the duration, in this case 200 minutes.

Keeping the bugs at bay

When the kids come out to play, so do the creepy crawlies. When choosing bug repellent, choose one based on the amount of time you will be spending outdoors. Like sunscreen, concentration of active ingredients in bug repellent increase the time you have before you need to reapply, instead of offering more protection.

Say hydrated

When you’re staying active indoor or outdoor during the summer, staying hydrated is extremely important. Sweating keeps your body cool, but it also depletes your body of hydration. Be sure to refuel with plenty of liquids. Water is the recommended drink of choice. Stay away from sugary drinks that will give you a quick sugar high that fades fast.

Learn to identify poisonous plants

Many families utilize the summer months to spend time in the outdoors. However, there are many things we need to be wary of. One thing to especially look out for are poisonous plants. Many poisonous plants usually have a cluster of three leaves (such as poison oak or poison ivy). If you see any of these, it’s best to steer clear.

If you have any summer tips to share with our readers, please leave them down below! We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable summer! More summer and 4th of July projects, home decor ideas,  and tips coming up soon!


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