4th of July Bunting & Pennant Decorating Ideas

4th of July decorating cannot be complete without at least a few red, white, and blue patriotic buntings and pennant flags. Buntings and pennant flags are popular for 4th of July because they are decorations that are synonymous with the traditional Americana style. They are often used for presidential campaigns and other smaller occasions all over the US, included 4th of July parties in your backyard!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with buntings and pennants, here’s an example:


Typically, pennants and buntings are used to decorate walls and railings. However, with a little brain power, they can be used for so much more! Below, we have 3 quick tips for your 4th of July buntings and pennants.

  1. Great for table trims at a party or picnic (see below)
  2. Cut them apart to use as individual place settings on a table
  3. Think of a design and cut them out of the pennants and buntings for an unexpected twist to the ordinary triangle and semicircle shape

From About

Visit our website for our recommended 4th of July Patriotic Pennant Banner decoration! It comes with 24 ft of patriotic pennant flags. Each flag measures 19.5 ” W, 27.5″H,  and is made with plastic.  They are perfect for decorating large areas on a budget, indoors or outdoors!

 More 4th of July holiday decorating ideas coming up! Happy decorating!


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