Spring Projects for Recycling Plastic Easter Eggs

For those of you who have a lot of extra plastic Easter eggs from your Easter celebrating earlier this month, I have a few fun project ideas to share with you that I found from the internet to put them to use for Spring. We can reuse and recycle old plastic Easter eggs and give them new life. Now they don’t have to go to waste!

With no further ado, enjoy the next few projects!

Egg shaped rice treats

From Food Family Finds

Use the plastic Easter egg shell as a mold for your rice treats! Remember to coat them with a nonstick spray first!


From Creativity in Progress

Make cute playhouse type cups for your little ones! Decorate it however you wish and use a button to create a steady bottom!

Stretchy egg snake

From Craft Test Dummies

With a few supplies around the home, you can assemble your own stretchy snake!

Egg Tealight Holder

From Dollar Store Crafts

Using half of a plastic egg, you can create your own holder for tealights! However, never leave a lit candle unattended! The holder is for decorative purposes only! We suggest not having lit candles in the holder, as they might melt.

Letter matching eggs

From Squidoo

Make a fun letter matching game with plastic Easter eggs! Using stickers or kid safe paint, add upper and lower case letters to eggs and have your kids match them!

What are some other uses you know of to reuse plastic Easter eggs? Share with us in the comments below! We love projects that can take ordinary items and give them a new spin!


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