Happy Easter 2012! + How To Spice Up Classic Easter Treats

HomeSeasons.com would like to wish everyone a fun and exciting Easter 2012!


Celebrate the Easter holiday with friends and family, and enjoy all the fun Easter treats (multicolored Peeps and jellybeans, anyone?)!

To round up the Easter holiday, we’re going to share one more fun post about Easter treats! We know Peeps, Bunnymallows, and jellybeans are great, but do you know how we can take them up to another level? Adding embellishments!

In today’s post, I’m going to share with everyone a few inspiration ideas to spice up classic Easter treats!

Chocolate tux Peeps from Inspire Bohemia

Coated Bunnymallows from Tip Junkie

Coated Bunny Face Marshmallows from 52 Kitchen Adventures

Chocolate dipped Peeps from Love From the Oven

Chick Bunny Peeps from Babble

Jelly Bean Cupcake from Kidsfunreviewed

These ideas are great for personalizing your own treats as well! Want your bunny Peeps to be wearing dresses instead of tuxes? Go ahead! The possibilities are endless, and you’ll have a lot of fun designing your own Easter treats!


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