Easter Home Decor Using Classic Easter Treats

Can you believe it? Easter is in two days (April 8, 2012)! This year is flying by fast!

In the previous post, I promised everyone that I’ll be sharing some projects that utilizes fun Easter treats. I was thinking of all the possibilities of Easter projects, and thought why not start off with some fun Easter home holiday decor inspirations!  Don’t we all want to spread Spring cheer and decorate our homes full of pastels and cute designs? I know I do!

With no further ado, here are some fun inspiration photos!


From Cakepopmyheart

From Bigplanslittlevictories

From Inspire Bohemia

From Aneclecticblog

From Business2community

From Yum Sugar

From Skiptomylou

Do you know any other ways we can decorate our homes with fun Easter treats? Maybe something for an Easter party? Let us know in the comments below!

Also, let us know which Easter treat you think is best for Easter home decor! We love the Peeps and jellybeans!



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2 responses to “Easter Home Decor Using Classic Easter Treats

  1. Wow that looks really good thank GOD we cant gain weight by just looking 🙂

  2. The yellow peep wreath is lovely–subtle but festive, something that would fit in with most people’s Easter decor.

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