St. Patrick’s Day Cereal Art

Cereal. The breakfast food of (exhausted) morning champions! If you have kids at home (or are a kid at heart), fruity and colorful cereals take up a huge part of the pantry. What to do with all the stale. leftover cereal? Make fun and easy cereal art! Not just any cereal art — St. Patrick’s Day themed cereal art!

Today’s blog post will each everyone how to make a fun lucky rainbow for St. Patrick’s Day out of cereal. It’s easy and fun to make! Keep reading for instructions and supplies!


From About Family Crafts


  • Froot Loop cereal
  • Lucky Charms marshmallows
  • paper
  • glue
  • pencil

Draw a pattern on a piece of paper for a rainbow (as big as you want) by drawing 6 half circle stripes. Sort all the Froot Loop cereals by color. When you are ready to glue the pieces down, apply a thin layer of glue over each stripe and apply one color to each line. Orders of the colors go from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, to purple.

Complete until all the colors are glued on.

From Schvet Bandits

To add some special embellishments, you can draw a pot at the end of the rainbow and glue on Lucky Charm marshmallows! Fill your pot with love, luck, and fun!

As yummy as this cereal art project looks, do not eat it! It is perishable and should only be kept until St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t worry, you can always make a new one next year!

What other cereals can  be used to make fun St. Patrick’s Day art projects? Maybe some Cheerios to be used as gold coins? Let us know your ideas below! We would love to fill up our pot of gold with more yummy goodies!


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