Happy Leap Year 2012!

HomeSeasons would like to wish everyone a Happy Leap Year! For a day that only comes by once every 4 years, you would think it deserves a bigger celebration all over the world. Unfortunately, I believe Leap Day is only celebrated by the few individuals who were born on this day. If you were born on February 29, then HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Let us know in the comments below how you celebrated Leap Year 2012! Did you celebrate it by attending a birthday party? Or maybe you went out to eat with your friends and family.  Share with us the plans you made for the day!



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2 responses to “Happy Leap Year 2012!

  1. Leap Year was always celebrated in my home when I was growing up because it was my cousins birthday. He hated it because he always thought he wasnt going to get a birthday party on the off years, but we still celebrated it every year any way. Now, I’ve got a life time of memories to make with my husband, we got married on last week on leap year. The first thing my husband said was “Ill only have to celebrate our anniversary every four years. LOL.. Of course he’d say that, lol…

    • Congratulations! That’s awesome!

      Many people don’t like to have special occasions coincide with leap day because they think celebrating it only once every 4 years is not as fun. However, I personally think it makes the day even more special! Plus, you always have the option of celebrating it on Feb 28 or March 1!

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