DIY St. Patrick’s Day Toilet Paper Tube Leprechauns

Christmas has Santa Claus, Easter has the Easter bunny, and St. Patrick’s Day has the leprechaun. Though leprechauns have a reputation of being somewhat of a nuisance (playing tricks on people and being generally mischievous all around), they are popular for the holiday because everyone wants to know where the leprechaun has hidden their pot of gold!

As mischievous as they are known to be, I am still fascinated by the folklore. Which is why today’s post will be dedicated to none other than the leprechaun! I’m going to share with everyone a fun DIY project to make your very own leprechaun out of empty toilet paper tubes, inspired by a picture I found on Bella Dia. Maybe this project will guide us to their pot of gold and lots of good luck!

From Bella Dia


  • empty toilet paper tubes
  • construction paper (green)
  • red/orange yarn
  • paints (green & tan) & paintbrush
  • scissors
  • black permanent marker
  • glue

Paint the empty toilet paper tube green. Once dried, paint an oval shape near the top (~ 1″ from the top edge) with the tan color (or any other paints you have that resemble skin color). Once dried, draw a smiley face on the oval!

With the tube, trace the circumference onto the green construction paper. Cut out the circle. Using that as a template, cut another circle around the previous circle (like making a doughnut). Depending on how wide of a brim you would like your leprechaun’s hat to me, cut accordingly.

With the construction paper, cut out two long skinny U shapes for arms. You can use the tan paint to paint on hands. Once dried, glue the hands onto the tube where you would like the arms to be. Slip on the hat doughnut over the top!

Cut little ~1/2″ strands of yard for the beard. Cut as many or as little as you’d like. Apply glue to the area for the beard and attach the ends of the yarn.

Your leprechaun is now complete! This project is perfect to do on a rainy day. Once the rain clouds disappear, you’ll see a rainbow. Legend has it that the leprechaun’s pot of gold is hidden at the end of a rainbow!

What kind of luck do you want your leprechaun to bring you? Happiness? Health? Wealth? Let us know in the comments below! We hope your leprechaun makes all your wishes come true!




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