Yummy DIY Valentine’s Day Marshmellow Pops

Marshmellows are one of those treats that I always find myself overindulging in. Their fluffy, yummy, aerated texture definitely doesn’t help the cause! They look like a lot in volume, but actually isn’t (or that’s what I tell myself everytime I take another out of the bag).

Any type of sweet treat is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Marshmellows definitely fit the bill! However, giving your loved ones a bag of marshmellows isn’t as sweet as it sounds. We at here at HomeSeasons like things to be taken up a notch! Today’s blog post will teach everyone a fun recipe idea to turn ordinary marshmellows into delectable marshmellow pops!

Before I share with everyone the directions, here are some inspiration pictures to help you decide how to decorate your own Valenetine’s Day marshmellow pop.

From HWTM Blog

From The White Library

 From Love From the Oven

From The Cupcake Blog

From Desserted Planet

Ingredients & Supplies:

  • large marshmellows
  • a cup
  • a dish
  • lollipop sticks (or disposable chopsticks)
  • colored candy melts (or chocolate melts)
  • nonpariels, sprinkles, or any other edible embellishments

Insert the sticks into the marshmellows ~3/4th way in, and set aside for later.

In a bowl, melt the candy melts according to instructions on the package (or temper the chocolate if you are using chocolate). Once the mixture reaches a creamy texture (not too creamy, a little like cake mix batter), you can start dipping the marshmellows in.

Dip the marshmellows in the melted candy. You can dip just the top, or the whole thing! Before the candy dries, you have a little bit of time to dip the marshmellow in a dish of sprinkles and nonpariels. If you take too long, the candy will dry and nothing will stick to it.

Place the marshmellow pops in a cup (stick down!) for the pops to dry.

To give these pops away, you can wrap a little bit of cel0ophane over the marshmellow pop and tie a ribbon to secure. Add a little gift tag letting them know who its from!

I’m excited to make these marshmellow pops for my friends and family for Valentine’s Day. Something tells me that these will be a favorite of everyone. Let us know if you decide to DIY marshmellow pops to give away for Valentine’s Day this year. If you make some of your own, share pictures with us below!



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2 responses to “Yummy DIY Valentine’s Day Marshmellow Pops

  1. That is so cute! I just for food color writing pens, I am going to make the I ❤ U ones. 🙂

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