Lovely Cupcake Inspirations for Your Valentine

Every holiday, one of our most popular blog posts have been cupcake related (there must be something in those little cupcakes that just keep us coming back for more)! Valentine’s Day is no different. In my honest opinion, Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest cupcake holidays out there. What is more lovely than a cupcake? With the cupcake boom the past few years, cupcakes have become a popular gift to give to our friends and family.

In today’s blog post, I’m going to share with everyone some fun Valentine’s Day cupcake inspiration pictures I compiled the past few days. Get inspired to bake your own cupcakes and give them to your favorite people for Valentine’s Day!

From Martha Stewart

From Cupcake Takes the Cake

From Pink Cake Box

From Desert Living Today

From Mom and Wife

From Dabbled

 From The Cupcake Blog

From Be Different Act Normal

I feel like I’ve been bitten by the cupcake lovebug!  I would love to get a batch of these lovely cupcakes for Valentine’s Day! Are you interested in a part 2 for more Valentine’s Day cupcake decoration inspiration? I came across so many more pictures I would love to share with everyone! Stay tuned into our blog for more Valentine’s Day ideas!


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