Home Decor Inspirations: Valentine’s Day Table Decorations

Many people think Valentine’s Day is a celebration reserved just for couples. Well, yes and no. While celebrating with their other half is what most people will be doing this Valentine’s Day, many people also make plans to celebrate this holiday with friends and family. Why not have another reason to bring people together!

Today’s blog post will be all about Valentine’s Day table decoration inspirations. If you’re celebrating this holiday at home with a candlelit dinner, you’re going to want to decorate the dining area! I’m going to share with everyone a few pictures I came across while I was looking for Valentine’s Day ideas online. These inspiration pictures can help inspire you to decorate your table — whether you’re celebrating with just one other person, or 10!


From Mama Knows

From Design Decor Staging

From Weddingish

From Hostess Blog

From Martha Stewart

From Weddingish

From Kennedy Home Design

All the table decor can be altered to fit a Valentine’s Day party for any number of people. Find a color scheme you want to stick by and go to your local superstore for supplies!  For a classic Valentine’s Day look, opt for colors such as red, pink, purple, and white. However, don’t limit yourself to just those colors. It’s your Valentine’s Day dinner, decorate it how you want!
Will you be spending this year’s Valentine’s Day with your other half or all your favorite friends and family?  Also, do you like celebrating at home or out? Let us know in the comments below!



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2 responses to “Home Decor Inspirations: Valentine’s Day Table Decorations

  1. I have to admit that overall I’m really impressed with this particular site especially on your table settings! It is easy to observe that youre enthusiastic about making this stuff and that’s what I want in every blogger! I am really in love with the table setting!

    Victoria –>>

    • Thank you for the sweet comment! We hope everyone enjoys all the holiday and holiday decor ideas we share. Come back soon, because up next, we have some fun St. Patrick’s Day themed holiday ideas!

      Happy Valentine’s Day!

      Best regards,
      Rebecca C. & HomeSeasons

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