Valentine’s Day Craft Project: Toilet Paper Tube Lovebug

We all know the story of the lovebug: if one comes and bites you, you will be enchanted by their spell (unglamorously known as lovebug spit) and become a lovey-dovey lovebug yourself (along the same vein of a zombie or a vampire bite, but a lot less scary)! I have not been blessed by the presence of a lovebug, but If  I had to imagine what one would look like, I’m seeing a bug with wings of pink, purple, and red, leaving a trail of rainbows in its path while it flutters (I might be going a little overboard here, but my imagination is wild)!

For today’s blogpost, I’m going to share with everyone a fun Valentine’s day project to make your very own lovebug using toilet paper tubes. This fun crafting project is sure to bring the lovebug out of you!


From Playdateyakima

From Kaboose


  • construction paper (or any other type of patterned paper)
  • empty toilet paper tube
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pencil
  • embellishments (glitter, sequins, etc)
  • markers
  • pipe cleaner
  • string (optional)

Depending on the kind of bug you would like to create (any bug can be a lovebug if decorated right!), draw a template for the appropriate wing shape onto the paper. (One tip: wings come in pairs, so one way to make a pair of wings that match up is to fold the piece of paper in half and draw half the wing shape on it. When you cut it, you will have 2 halves that are exactly the same! Make sure the wing is connected in the middle. We want a pair of wings, not two separate wings!)

Different wing shapes: butterfly: B shape, ladybug: O shape, other small bugs: o shape

If you want to decorate your wing, now is the time! With markers and embellisments, decorate your wing. Make sure both wings have a mirrored design to mimic real world bugs.

With a marker draw a face onto the toilet paper tube and decorate if you would like. Make 2 swirls out of the pipe cleaner and attach it to the tube for antennae. Glue the wings onto the tube.

If you would like your lovebug to soar in the sky, attach a looped string onto the tube and hang!

This Valentine’s Day lovebug project is easy to make, and most of us should have all the supplies just lying around our home. I always make sure to save empty toilet paper tubes to make fun rainy day projects.

What kind of lovebug would you like to make? Butterfly lovebug or ladybug lovebug? Let us know in the comments below!




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3 responses to “Valentine’s Day Craft Project: Toilet Paper Tube Lovebug

  1. My daughter and I will be doing this craft for sure

  2. DarlingDaisy

    This is great! Nice way of recycling and giving a gift! I will enjoy sharing this craft with my children and students.

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