Traditions to Observe for Chinese New Year 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 is fast approaching! Are you ready to welcome the year of the dragon on January 23? I sure am. Time to bring the year of the rabbit to a close and greet this rambunctious, mythical reptile!

From My Sunset

Many of you may not be familiar with all the festivities that come along with celebrating Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year has been celebrated by the Chinese for centuries! In today’s blog post, I’m going to share with everyone a few traditions that the Chinese still observe to prepare for the new year.

  • Color it red – According to the Chinese, the color red is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and luck. Decorations for this holiday are mostly in red and gold
  • Red envelopes – Married elders would give children red envelops filled with crisp new bills to wish them luck and health in the new year
  • Large clean sweep – The Chinese believe in bringing in the new year with a clean, fresh slate. Homes are cleaned from top to bottom, dusting out all the “bad luck” from the previous year away
  • No showering on the eve –  It’s bad luck to shower the night before Chinese New Year
  • No haircuts near the new year – If you don’t want to cut your luck short, don’t cut your hair
  • Be careful around breakables – It is unlucky to break a vase, glass, etc during Chinese New Year. However, if you do, you must say 落地開花 (which means things will blossom when it hits the floor) to counter the bad luck
  • Fruity luck –  In Chinese, the word for Mandarin orange and tangerine is called 桔. The sound has a dual meaning which also means luck

Will you and your family be celebrating Chinese New Year 2012? Let us know in the comments below! Share with us traditions that you and your family observe to bring in the new year. We would love to learn more about this holiday!


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  1. Hey There Blog,
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