4 Places to Countdown to New Years 2012

Like many of you, my New Years Eve is the same almost every year — going to a party at one of my friend’s or family member’s house and  watching the New York Times Square ball drop on TV. I can’t even remember how many years in a row I have done that (not that I mind, I still love it)! However, counting down with the pre-recorded ball drop is not as exciting as it used to be when I was a lot younger.

Since last year’s New Years Eve party, I’ve been compiling and thinking up of new places everyone should try to ring in the new year. I thought up of 4 places to share with everyone. Let’s ring in 2012 in style.


1. Your local theme/amusement park – Theme parks usually have special New Years Eve festivities and events planned for the whole day. Arrive earlier to avoid crowds that may gather later on at night. Enjoy a full day of roller coaster rides in the daytime, take an hour or two to sit down and have a dinner, and sit back and relax while the theme park displays a fireworks show near midnight!


From DS Photographic

2. Outdoor street fair/market – Many major cities offer night street fairs full of music and food. This is a perfect place to go with a bunch of friends who enjoy immersing themselves in culture, music, yummy foods, and all over lively atmosphere.


From Britannica

3. The pier – The pier is usually the hub spot where a lot of events are taking place during New Years Eve. Though it may be super chilly (don’t forget to bundle yourself up with loads of warm clothes!), it’s worth visiting at least once during the holiday season. Many concerts and shows will be playing on that day, so you will always be surrounded by colorful sights and sounds.


From Artooro

4. Downtown – For those of you who live downtown, this idea is pretty mundane. But for those (including me), who live in the suburbs, going downtown is always an experience. All the tall buildings and skyline instantly put me in an excited mood. Head into the city a little earlier and enjoy a nice dinner. Opt for outdoor seating to enjoy all the lively happenings going on on the street. Countdown at a nearby cafe with everyone!

Many places are open on New Years Eve through the wee hours in the morning. If you’re tired of watching the ball drop on TV, grab your friends and head outdoors. It will definitely be an experience to remember!

Any other places that would be fun to celebrate the new year? Please share with us in the comments below! We need more ideas!



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