Ending 2011 With a Bang! – DIY New Years Eve Balloon Noise Poppers

Many of us want to end the year off with a bang! With all the firework shows and hustle and bustle of the city, we definitely have our fair share of commotion. However, when it’s snowing cats & dogs outside or if we’re counting down to New Years indoors, how do we stir up the excitement? Noise poppers of course!

Noise poppers are one of the oldest party decorations out there. Many people have been passing out noise poppers at parties for years. However, DIY balloon noise poppers are definitely a lot funner! Not only are they unique, but they add a whole lot of bang for your buck!! This fun little project is easy to make too!


  • balloons
  • tiny funnel
  • confetti
  • strings
  • helium (optional)

With a tiny funnel, stuff confetti into a balloon. Blow up the balloon (if you want them to float, use helium!) and tie. If you are using helium, tie a long string to the knot so you can reach the balloon. Make enough balloon noise poppers to fill up a room!

When the clock strikes midnight, everyone can grab a balloon and pop it! Regular air balloons can be stomped or poked to pop, and helium balloons can be popped with a pencil for a snowfall of confetti overhead!

If you have a themed party, you can color coordinate your balloons and confetti! I suggest you to use a larger grade of confetti because it is easier to clean up (glitter is fun and all, but imagine getting glitter off your face and carpet)!

Do you know any other projects to DIY noise poppers for the new year? Please share with us below!

4 more days until New Years 2012!!


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