Let’s Get Ready to Ring in 2012!

Happy holidays! How was everyone’s Christmas weekend? Was it full of family, friends, fun, food, and presents? That’s how it should be! Christmas is all about spending time with our loved ones and celebrating the holiday season together. Nothing’s better than that!

With Christmas behind us, we know that 2011 is soon coming to an end, and 2012 is fast approaching. With 2012  coming up in 5 days, we need to prepare ourselves to ring in the new year!

From Time Inc.

Aside from deciding which New Years party to attend, another difficult decision we have to make would be our 2012 New Years resolutions. Resolutions are goals and projects you hope to achieve in the next year. To join in on the fun, the HomeSeasons blog is going to have some resolutions of our own for 2012:

  • post as regularly as possible
  • share w/ all our readers the funnest, most interesting ideas we find
  • keep our mind open to new ideas
  • keep appreciating our readers
  • overhaul our blog w/ new themes and layout once in a while to mix things up

What are some of your resolutions for 2012? Share with us below! We want to know what New Years resolutions everyone has been making and how you plan on keeping/fulfilling them!


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