Food Themed Holiday Christmas Ornaments

As promised, here is our blog post on food themed holiday Christmas ornaments!

Christmas ornaments are no longer limited to just the round glass ball types anymore. For Christmas 2011, we are going to have newer more innovative ornaments! For all you foodie (aka hungry) people out there, food themed ornaments are the perfect topping on your Christmas tree cake. Let’s check out all the variations of food themed Christmas ornaments!

From Serious Eats

From Ornaments 2 Remember

From Weblogs.Baltimore Sun

From Food Beast

From Trendy Tree

From Christmas at the Lake

These ornaments look good enough to eat (but don’t)! Food themed holiday ornaments are gaining in popularity the past few years and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.

Do you have a food themed Christmas ornament on your tree? Let us know below!


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