Christmas Holiday Cupcakes (Part 2) – Christmas Trees

Did you enjoy Part 1 of our Christmas Holiday Cupcakes compilation? Santa Claus makes a pretty cool looking cupcake decoration, don’t you agree?  I think it’s about time for a Part 2! To tie in with our previous blog post (Giant Holiday Christmas Trees Around the World), today’s Christmas Holiday Cupcakes compilation will be all about Christmas trees!

It isn’t Christmastime if we don’t have a Christmas tree around. However, if the Christmas tree is edible, it only makes it that much more enjoyable! Check out some inspirations pictures we found:


From The Cake Blog

From Kawaii Foods

From Cute Food For Kids

From The Culinary Life

From Hawaii Kawaii

From Randommization

From Cute Cupcakes All the Time

From Font Girl

The great thing about cupcakes are that they can be made to look like anything you want. With a little bit of imagination, a cupcake can be a Santa or a Christmas tree! Not to mention, everyone loves to eat cupcakes!

There are so many ways to create a Christmas tree cupcake. Which one is your favorite? If you make Christmas tree cupcakes as well, please share with us below!


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