Giant Holiday Christmas Trees Around the World

Many of us won’t be traveling out of the country to see Christmas decorations from around the world this holiday season.  However, this doesn’t mean we should miss out on all the festive and unique holiday decorations out there! Christmas is a holiday that many countries celebrate, so there are many variations of decorations we have yet to see. Even though we may not be able to fly to see them in person, luckily we still have the internet! Let’s take a look at a few worldly Christmas trees and decorations I stumbled upon:


Beirut, Lebanon (From Design You Trust)

Mexico City, Mexico (From About – Go Mexico)

Rio de Janeiro  (From The Telegraph)

Monte Ingino, Italy (From Harmony and Home)

Dublin, Ireland (From Brilliant Tips)

New York City, New York (From NY Daily News)

Lisbon, Portugal (From Brilliant Tips)

Tokyo, Japan (From Travelpod)

From the looks of it, Christmas tree decorations are definitely not taken lightly, no matter where you are in the world! It’s no surprise either. How many of you have gone out to see Christmas lights just so you can surround yourself in Christmas spirit? I know I have! Nothing brightens up a cold winter day more than sparkly decorative Christmas lights and a cup of hot chocolate.

Does your local area have an extravagant Christmas tree display you would like to show us too? Please share with us in the comments below!


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