DIY Christmas Reindeer Candy Canes for the Holidays

One thing I remember the most about the winter holidays during elementary school was arts and crafts time. Christmas arts and crafts to be exact.  I recall excitedly bringing home felt ornament art projects with my school picture pasted haphazardly in the middle and heavy-on-the-glue paper mobiles to hang in the backyard porch (rightly so, because it was probably too hideous for front porch anyway). However, one project I knew I couldn’t mess up on was the Christmas reindeer candy cane. However, they never made it home because I ate them all right after school!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Christmas reindeer candy cane (shocking, I know!), I’m going to share with everyone this easy and yummy DIY art project for the Christmas holidays!


  • candy canes
  • brown pipe cleaners
  • self adhesive small googley eyes
  • glue
  • tiny pom pom ball (in brown, black, or red)

To make antlers, wrap a pipe cleaner around the crook of the candy cane. Make curly q’s or any other design you want your antlers to have. Twist to secure.

Stick on googley eyes for the face! Depending on which kind of reindeer you would like to make, glue a brown, black, or red pompom to make the nose (don’t forget, Rudolph has a red nose)!

That’s all!

This project is great for younger children because the directions are  simple. However, with small parts such as googley eyes and pom poms, supervision is necessary for the little ones.

You can make 9 reindeer candy canes  (one of them with a red nose, of course!) to help Santa pull his sleigh for Christmas!

Let us know in the comments below if you remember making these reindeer candy canes (or any other similar projects) in elementary school!

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