Unusual Blue Themed Christmas Trees

Some of you who are avid Christmas fans would go to great lengths to find the perfect, freshly chopped Christmas tree. However, real pine, cedar, spruce and fir trees rarely come in colors other than green (except the Colorado blue spring spruce, which sometimes comes in a tint of blue)! With Christmas decorations becoming more avant garde than ever (remember our post on the upside down Christmas tree?), we need to constantly think of new ideas!

This is when artificial Christmas trees come into play. Not only are they reusable year after year, a real tree is saved from the chopping block (literally)! Another appeal of artificial Christmas trees is that they can come in any color imaginable. In today’s blog post, I’m going to share with everyone some fun, unusual blue themed Christmas trees, including one that is actually blue!


From Prague Pictures

From Entengvince Files

From Home Trend Design

Blue Christmas trees are actually pretty hard to find. If you’re interested, pick up one right away if you see it! Blue Christmas trees and decorations are modern and can add an arctic, snowy ambiance to your living room in a heartbeat!

How do you feel about blue themed Christmas trees? Would you put one of these up in your home? Let us know in the comments below!


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