Christmas Holiday Cupcakes (Part 1) – Santa Claus

I think it’s time for a holiday cupcake post! Not only is this one of my favorite topics to blog about, but I’m thinking it might be yours as well! Cupcakes have started to gain a huge following as being one of the most sought after desserts of the year. It’s obvious why everyone loves cupcakes. They’re bite sized cakes that are elaborately decorated. Basically, art you can eat!

Today’s cupcake post is dedicated to the jolly old Mr. St. Nick himself, Santa Claus! Let’s see all the fun ways people have recreated Santa on a cupcake!


From Cake Decorating Corner

From Sugar Chic Cakes

From Cupcake Takes the Cake

From Mulatto Diaries

From Cake Central

From Making It My Own Way

Santa Claus in cupcake form looks delicious! One of my favorites is the one with the Santa stuck in a chimney. How innovative! Which one is  your favorite? What theme would you like part 2 to be? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear your suggestions!


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