DIY Christmas Gifts – Candles With Cinnamon Sticks

For us bargain shoppers and DIY-ers out there, getting all our loved ones Christmas gifts no longer breaks the bank. The secret to this is actually quite simple. Many people don’t realize that there are other options out there (other than picking up something from the mall) as to finding awesome Christmas gifts for everyone on our Christmas list. Though it may take a lot more thought (thought is free!), DIY presents¬† have a whole lot more heart.

Many people are scared to DIY Christmas gifts because they think it’s too much work. However, with so many specialty stores out there, you don’t have to handmake everything from scratch! When you buy items in bulk, it’s a lot cheaper than buying them individually. If you spend a little bit of time crafting (not that I mind at all), you can create unique, one of a kind gifts everyone will appreciate!

Today’s DIY Christmas gift idea is simple and quick! I’m going to share with everyone a fun little idea to create candles with cinnamon sticks!

From Country Living


  • cinnamon sticks
  • scissors
  • glue gun & glue
  • candles (preferably with a glass jar/cup)
  • ribbon
  • & extra embellishments of your choosing

Measure how long you want the cinnamon sticks to be and cut. The cinnamon sticks should only be a tiny bit taller than the candle itself. With a glue gun, arrange the cinnamon sticks vertically and glue them onto the glass of the candle (we prefer candles with a glass jar or cup because it is safer). With a ribbon, tie a knot around the cinnamon sticks.

You can also tie extra embellishments onto the ribbon. For example:

  • little bells
  • tiny ornaments
  • bows
  • gift tags
  • tiny dried holiday berries

You can either wrap this gift in a cellophane gift bag or put it in a box. Be sure to add a little note telling the gift receiver that it’s made by you! They will appreciate the gift that much more!



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