Overhauling Plain Holiday Ornaments – Paper Mache Ed.

If you’re a first time homeowner this year or a recent “finally-out-of-your-parent’s-nest”-er, your Christmas ornament collection is probably small or even non existent. So this month, you decide to go to your local superstore and stock up on generic round ornaments in all the different colors. As convenient and pretty as they are, if you want to start a collection that can create memories, you might want something a little more special.

Go ahead and stock up on those store bought, round ornaments. However, don’t stop there. Embellish them! During the month of December, I’m going to share with everyone a few ways you can overhaul your plain holiday ornaments to turn them into masterpieces. Today’s idea will be using paper mache! This idea comes to us straight from Blue Cricket Designs.


Blue Cricket Designs

Prepare paper mache strips with newspaper and modgepodge (or flour and water). Cover the ornament in the paper mache strips, and make sure it is smooth. Hang dry. Once completely dried, paint the surface of the ornament in any pattern you’d like with acrylic paint. Hang dry.

The magic of embellishing your own ornament is that you can create any design you want! For a modern look, try patterns and polka dots. For a more classic look, you can try painting on scenes and memories you would like to commemorate. You can also create personalized ornaments by painting names on it!

This is a simple project that even children can do. Gather everyone together on a snow day and make it into a craft day!

Share with us below ornaments you have made! We would love to see them!


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