Holiday Reindeer Pretzel Cookies

On Christmas Eve night, Santa is  busy flying all over the world in his reindeer-drawn sleigh to deliver presents to all the (nice) children out there. However, with so many houses to stop by, how would Santa remember to drop by OUR house? Even though I’m sure he has a pretty good system going on now (he HAS been doing it for a long time), a little reminder doesn’t hurt. Santa loves his milk and cookies, so be sure to leave him a plate by the Christmas tree!

To make sure that you stay on Santa’s nice list, a little extra special touch on those cookies would definitely help. Today’s blog post is inspired by some reindeer cookies I came across on the internet. They are simple to make, but definitely are a lot fancier than regular sugar cookies!

From Bakergirl

From Cutesassy


  • your favorite cookie mix
  • pretzels
  • multicolored m&m’s

Prepare your favorite cookie mix according to the recipe. While placing the cookies on the cookie sheet, create an oval instead of a circle (or any other shape you think best resembles the head of a reindeer). With two pretzels, place it on top of the cookie where ears would go. With colored m&m’s, create eyes and noses for the reindeer (don’t forget, Rudolph is a red nosed reindeer!). Bake according to directions, cool, and serve!

You can recreate your own Santa’s sleigh by making 9 reindeer cookies (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph)!

For an additional touch of embellishments, try chocolate colored pretzels instead (they might be melty though, but oh so yummy). You can even add sprinkles onto the chocolate covered pretzels if you’re dipping them yourself! White chocolate can look like snow!

Do you know any other reindeer inspired treats? Please share with us below!




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4 responses to “Holiday Reindeer Pretzel Cookies

  1. These are so adorable!! Great idea.

  2. what a great idea! love these 🙂

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