The Eccentric Upside Down Christmas Tree

If your family celebrates Christmas, you would know the importance of a Christmas tree. A Christmas tree  can be the epicenter of all the holiday festivities (not to mention my favorite spot in the house because that’s where all the presents are)! We’ve all seen Christmas trees — they come in all different shapes, sizes, AND colors. They can span from little mini trees that you can put on your desktop to gigantic ones that stand hundreds of feet tall!


From Lonely Planet

However, a strange trend has been happening in the Christmas tree industry. Have you ever heard of an upside down Christmas tree? Yes, a Christmas tree that is upside down! As bizarre as that sounds, they actually exist and are quite popular! If you’ve never heard of the upside down Christmas tree, the following pictures will certainly astonish you!

From Interior Design on a Dime

From Home Stories A to Z

From Aprilpedia

From Lucky Little Stars

These bizarre Christmas trees are sweeping the world with their popularity and eccentricity. They definitely put a spin on the old, traditional Christmas trees with the normal string lights and rounded ornaments.

How do you feel about the upside down Christmas tree trend? Do you see yourself jumping on the bandwagon or is it just too strange to comprehend? Let us know in the comments below. If you have an upside Christmas tree at your home, please share some pictures with us!



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3 responses to “The Eccentric Upside Down Christmas Tree

  1. I thought about doing this one year to keep my little imp from destroying the ornaments LOL.

  2. I am dying to try an upside down tree…maybe next year! Thanks so much for visiting the Painted Apron!
    Merry Merry,

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