A Cornucopia of Thanksgiving Cornucopias

While turkeys and pumpkins are reminiscent of Thanksgiving, we can’t forget the cornucopia. A cornucopia is an identifiable icon of Thanksgiving and Fall, symbolizing bountiful harvests in preparation of wintertime. It usually consists of a horn filled with flowers, corn, and fruit. Though that sounds extremely simple, there are many different styles of cornucopias. In today’s blog post, I’m going to share with everyone a few different variations of decorative cornucopias we can make or buy for the Thanksgiving holiday!

From Predictions2011

From Monster Marketplace

From Inhabitat

From ShopFreely Blog

From Martha Stewart/The Decorologist

From Traveling With MJ

As you can see, cornucopias come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. (Check out the basket cornucopia in the last image!) You can use any item you can find in your kitchen and home. Share with us your cornucopia ideas for this Thanksgiving! Do you like the more traditional kinds with the horn or would you like to spice it up and use a basket instead? Let us know in the comments below!


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