Inspiration For Thanksgiving & Fall Themed Place Cards

When you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner party (or any dinner party, for that matter) place cards are extremely important. How else would guests know where to sit! Much like how a seating chart is a necessity for a wedding, Thanksgiving dinner parties also require a thorough planning of seating arrangements as well.  In a setting where you are trying to bring all your loved ones together (as wild and unpredictable as they are) and have a good time, sometimes a good seating chart is necessary.

Creating a seating chart is one thing, but having holiday appropriate (and fun!) place cards are another. Though we can’t be there to guide you through all the planning, we can give you a few fun suggestions and inspirations for Thanksgiving and Fall themed place cards. They’ll be great for the upcoming Fall months!


From Hosted Media

From Paper Crafts Collection

From AtHome.KimVallee

From Amazing Moms

From Good Ideas and Tips

From Design Evolution Blog

From Apron Strings A Flutter

These are just a few place card ideas you can try for Thanksgiving and Fall. Want more? Please comment below and let us know!

Stay tuned to our blog for more Thanksgiving and Fall inspired ideas!


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One response to “Inspiration For Thanksgiving & Fall Themed Place Cards

  1. These are cute. I especially love the leaves.

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