Fall Leaves Window Decoration

The Autumn months must also be called Fall because of all the leaves that fall to the ground during this season! The floor is covered with these multicolored leaves all the way until the start of winter. Red, orange, and yellow leaves are definitely reminiscent of the cooler months. How do we bring the fall leaves into our home? A fall leaves craft project, of course!

Today’s project idea is inspired by a craft idea from All Kids Network. We’re going to share how to create a fall leaves window decoration! This project is simple to create, but still looks great and festive! Here’s how:


  • a large fall leaf
  • black construction paper
  • multicolored (fall colors) tissue paper
  • a pencil
  • scissors
  • glue

On the black piece of construction paper, trace the outline of a fall leaf. Cut around the outline. Create another outline a few centimeters inside the black leaf. Cut out the inside. Glue the black leaf outline onto a light colored piece of tissue paper. Remove the excess tissue paper.

Cut little squares (or any shape you’d like) out of the multicolored tissue paper. Glue the squares onto the leaf cutout from above. Create any pattern you desire!

You can tape this directly onto your window for a fall leaves window decoration, or punch a hole on the top and tie a string to it to create a colorful mobile! It’s all up to you!

Any other fall leaves projects out there? Please share with us below!


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