Fall Cupcake Inspirations – Part 1

The Halloween cupcake inspiration blog series was very popular among all the readers, so we thought we should bring it back (but with a Fall twist, of course)! We’re going to scour the internet to present to all of your our favorite Fall/Autumn and Thanksgiving inspired cupcakes. It’s going to be leaves and pumpkins galore! Get ready to be inspired, cause we definitely are!


From Whisk This

From The Cupcake Blog

From OK Sugar

From Cupcake Central

From 518 Cupcakes

The little corn on the cob cupcakes were definitely one of the most creative Fall cupcakes we have seen in a long time. The idea is so fun and innovative! Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! Also, keep checking out our blog for more parts of our Fall Cupcake Inspirations series!



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2 responses to “Fall Cupcake Inspirations – Part 1

  1. Definitely corn on the cob. You could surely class cakes that look like vegetables as part of your five a day!

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