Fall Leaves Candle

Nothing is cozier than bundling up with a good book (or snack) and enjoying the cooler weather. If you want to boost up your home’s cozy level by at least 50%, it cannot be complete without a flickering candle for that extra oomph of ambiance. If you’re an avid candle burner, you would know that candles come in most shapes, sizes, and imaginable scents (some unimaginable and questionable, if you ask me). However,  it can still be hard to find the right candle you are looking for.

This is where our DIY noggin comes in handy. For those of us who are simply not satisfied with just an Autumn scented candle, we can actually spice up regular candles to make them look more Autumn appropriate. Today’s blog post will teach everyone a fun DIY project to create a leafy Fall candle.


  • regular pillar candles
  • tapered candles (same color as the pillar candles)
  • fall leaves
  • glue
  • flame
  • newspaper
  • disposable brush

This DIY fall leaves candle is extremely easy to create. Lay out newspaper around your work area.  Choose a pillar candle of your choice. With tiny bit of glue, glue the leaves onto the surface of the candle and smooth out the surface. Light the taper candle and carefully drip the wax over the leaves on the pillar candle. With a brush, quickly smooth out the wax drippings into a thin layer. Once dried, the thin layer of wax over the leaves creates a slightly opaque texture over the leaves for a fun, Autumn appearance.

For all of you glitter aficionados out there, you can always add a little sprinkle of glitter over the wax dripping before it dries for a special touch.

These candles look great while lit or just on the tabletop as a decoration! It’s an easy way to add a little extra Autumn spirit and coziness to your home. They also make great gifts!

Do you enjoy lighting candles to add holiday ambiance? Let us know what kind of candles you like to use for the Autumn months!


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