Halloween DIY Blood Dripping Candles

4 more days until Halloween!

To create an extra spine tingling Halloween decorations display, good lighting is key. What is more spooky than flickering candlelight? (Probably the dark, but that’s for a different blog post)! Today’s post will teach everyone how to DIY two different types of blood dripping candles for Halloween! Not only do they help illuminate the night for all your guests and trick-o-treaters, they also serve double duty as scary Halloween decorations!



1. The easy-peasy blood dripping candle


  • Long taper white candles
  • candle holders
  • A blood-red candle (any shape or size)
  • A flame
  • newspaper

To create the easy version of blood dripping candles, all  you need will be the supplies above. Cover your work area with newspaper. Place the long taper white candles in their candle holders. With a flame, light up the red candle until the wax forms a pool. CAREFULLY drip the red wax over the white candles from the top until you have reached the desired amount of bloodiness.

2. The non easy-peasy blood gushing candle


  • long taper red candles
  • candle holder
  • microwaveable soy wax (white)
  • wax paper
  • microwave

This blood gushing candle is a little more difficult to make but the results are also a little more cool. On a long piece of wax paper, pour on the white microwaveable soy wax in a rectangular formation as long as the candle. Place the wax in the microwave for the amount of time specified on the package.

Take out the white wax from the microwave and place the red taper candle on the wax and roll (kind of like you’re making sushi!) Smooth out the surface of the wax with the wax paper and place in the microwave for another 15-25  seconds just so that the white wax starts to meld around the red candle. Repeat the process until you have reached the smoothness you desire on the candle.

When you are ready to light your candle, be sure to put it on a candle holder to hold the melting wax. The red wax will gush out when melted and create a bleeding effect!

**Both of these projects are best done by adults, as they do require working with flames and electrical appliances!**

Let us know if you decide to try this idea out. Which candle do you prefer? Please share with us below!



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