DIY Smokey Halloween Witch’s Cauldron

Halloween witches have been known to roam the night of Halloween on their broomsticks, casting spells on unsuspecting bystanders and turning them into newts and frogs! This Halloween, I have a feeling that something is going to be a’brewing..and that thing is a witch’s cauldron!

One symbolic item that we all associate  Halloween witches with is the cauldron. Cauldrons are used by Halloween witches to brew their potions. They would hang their cauldron over a flame and toss in strange ingredients such as eyes of a newt, fangs of a vampire,  and hair of a werewolf (just to name a few, and I’m making these up, by the way!)



As a Halloween decoration, there is no way we can have a live cauldron brewing up strange potions (fire hazard, anyone?), so how do we recreate the look of a smokey cauldron without actually putting it over a fire? Here, I will share with everyone 2 ways to create a smokey Halloween witch’s cauldron this Halloween!


1. Fog machine

You can purchase mini fog machines for your home at your local party/Halloween store. These machines usually come with a bottle of “fog juice” that creates a large amount of fog with the machine. However, fog juice can be replaced by distilled water to create a foggy effect as well, but it is not as intense. Place the machine into the cauldron for the smokey effect.


2. Dry ice

Dry ice might be a little harder to come by than a fog machine, but it also creates a smokey fog. All you need will be chunks of dry ice. Place the dry ice into a bowl of hot water (the hotter the water, the more fog). Put the bowl into your cauldron. When the fog starts to be less dense, replace the bowl with hot water and more dry ice. Be sure not to directly handle the ice with bare hands! It will burn!

Extra tidbits about dry ice:

  • dry ice is pressurized carbon dioxide that has been frozen solid
  • dry ice goes from a solid state directly to gas
  • always use dry ice in a ventilated area (excessive carbon dioxide can cause accidental asphyxiation)
  • FOOD GRADE dried ice can be used to put into food for special effects

Have fun creating your own smokey witch’s cauldron this Halloween! Let us know how your cauldron turns out!




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3 responses to “DIY Smokey Halloween Witch’s Cauldron

  1. Love this! I always set mine on an old grape vine wreath with red Christmas lights tucked behind it so it looks like the cauldron is sitting on a little fire.

  2. That’s a great idea! We never would’ve thought of it. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. OK, so it’s a little past Halloween:) Or, I can be really early for next Halloween – hee hee.

    That photo get’s me excited to make that cool special effect. Now was that the dry ice method? I love creative people!! Thanks for sharing you special effect.

    Hope you have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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