Halloween Goodie Bag Inspirations

A lot of us like to host Halloween parties for our family and friends. All our favorite people gathered in one place, dressed up like super heroes and cartoon characters? Count me in! However, planning and hosting a Halloween party is a tough feat. We have to find our perfect Halloween costume, prepare the snackage, and spook out our home (inside AND outside)! With all these things to do, sometimes we miss an important part of hosting a party: creating the goodie bags.

Giving out goodie bags has become a popular tradition among party hosts. It’s a little way to thank the guests for coming to their party. They are usually filled with candies and little fun knick-knacks for the guest to take home and commemorate the event.

For Halloween, we should mix things up. Goodie bags are no longer just limited to the cellophane baggies we pick up from the market! Here I will show you a few pictures I found from the internet that should inspire us all to DIY our own little goodie bags for Halloween!

Not only do these make great goodie bags for parties at home, they are also great for children to take to school for a Halloween costume party. Instead of candies (as if children don’t eat enough already!), we can always fill the goodie bags with school supplies such as Halloween erasers, paperclips,  and stickers instead!


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